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ALT Gallery


Testimonials and Feedbacks

  Hello Linda.

I got the beautiful painting in the mail today. It is fabulous! You did a great job.
I want to thank you for everything and your personal attention to my "unique" shipping needs. I hope to get more paintings in the future. They are just great for home staging. The prospective home buyers really love them.

I wish you the best of luck and hope to purchase again. Thanks & have a GREAT day.

- Customer quote from William A.


I love your painting!!!

I just got it now. Thank you so much for your communication and consideration of our agencies time table. Very nice to do business with you. I left a feedback for you... I would love to see more of your botanical paintings...very very wonderful and great for the type of interiors that we design! , so please keep working....You are the Best!!!

Thank you very much, again.

- Customer quote from Mary B.

  Hi Linda!

I am so thrilled that I won this auction. My husband wanted this so bad. Your painting will grace the wall proudly in our new home. Also, thank you so much for your help in picking a wall color to tie the room together! Your decorating advise is invaluable.

- Customer quote from Anne T.

  Thank you very much!

I am so excited about the Blue Nude painting and I very much admire your talent.

- Customer quote from Saadi M.

  Hi Linda,

I love the beautiful painting of philodendron leaves that I bought from your Ebay auction. It is perfect in my new living room. The colors are magnificent!

- Customer quote from Kate P

  Thank you so much for painting these Greyhounds for me. My wife and I will enjoy them very much.

- Customer quote from Brett P.

  I'm looking forward to this floral image on my bedroom walls. I'm now up to four of your paintings...am delighted, and totally a fan! crazy.


- Customer quote from Tracy L.

  Thank you. I look forward to receiving my third painting from you - Wonderful work! My boss at the realty company is very pleased with the reaction we are getting to your art in our model homes.

- Customer quote from Ed M.

  Hello Linda:

I am pleased to have won this painting -- I lost a bid on "Tropic Trio" yesterday by just a few dollars. thank you, I do love it.

- Customer quote from Jackie R.

  Linda, I am so excited to have won this painting. It is my second of yours. Please ship to my office, instead of my home. Thank you!!

- Customer quote from Racine F.

  I think you are a terrific artist! Your painting looks fabulous in the restaurant and it got here in time for the grand opening. Our client loves it! We may have some more commission work for you soon. Marcia.

- Customer quote from Amy F.

  I'm thrilled with my purchase. Your work is exciting. The scale of these leaves is awsome.

- Customer quote from Mark R.

  LOOKS FABULOUS!!!! Thanks!

- Customer quote from Mary S.

  Thanks again! I'll be excited to get this one too. You're the best.

- Customer quote from Angus G.

  Thank you, the painting is beautiful!!!

- Customer quote from Carolyn A.

  Please pack her carefully; I would be sick if anything happened to this beautiful painting. Thanks.

- Customer quote from Janet H.

  Thanks again. I love this!! Your work is absolutely beautiful. Turquoise is my favorite color.

- Customer quote from Barbara S.

  I am very pleased to say I won the bid on the painting.

- Customer quote from Katherine T.

  Wow! There is something about your painting "Radiance" that is amazing. I just wanted to tell you. All the best.

- Customer quote from Veronica

  Hi again! We are lab people, and we so love this painting! Wish we had more wonderful creative minds like you on eBay! Good Night and best of luck!

- Customer quote from Francine

  I got it and I am so incredibly happy with it. Beautiful. I left you feedback. Take care and thank you again,

- Customer quote from Angela

  Hi. I received your art, it's a beautiful painting. I love it. Your work is so alive! Thank you,

- Customer quote from Crissi

  Thank you for your prompt response.

I was so impressed with the painting that I joined paypal just to make this purchase as I saw that you preferred that payment method. I am eagerly anticipating receiving the painting.

- Customer quote from Martin.

  Thanks so much Linda,

We received Bamboo Too today and it looks great! Thank You so much for.

- Customer quote from Segrid E.

  Your painting looks spectacular in our home. Thanks again.

- Customer quote from Garland

  We don't mind being patient; your paintings are so worth it. Our showcase houses are greatly enhances by your art works.

- Customer quote from Jerry & Marion

  "Moonlit Palm" is awesome. I am very impressed with the idea, the contrast and everything about it.

- Customer quote from Yosshi

  The painting arrived a day early & I love it! The picture on eBay really didn't do it justice. The brush strokes look better in person.

I love looking at it; it is so colorful. Thank you for a beautiful item and an excellent transaction! I know that your painting will bring so many hours of enjoyment in the coming years;

- Customer quote from Peter

  Hello, I wanted to let you know the painting is absolutely magnificent. Thank you so much. I'll continue to watch your auctions. All the best.

- Customer quote from Penny

  Thank you very much for sharing your talents with us. Every piece of art listed is absolutely divine, its beauty is apparent for all to see and enjoy.

- Customer quote from Gary

  Dear Artist Linda Tillman,

I want you to know that I get such strong feelings and emotions when I look at your paintings. They touch my soul. I am so happy that someone of your talent is making their work available to all people. With warm regards, Martina.

- Customer quote from Martina.

  I loved that piece. I love your art! The colors are bright, bold, and explosive. The designs are unique and elegant. I fell in love when I saw your art!

- Customer quote from Andy

  Every time I think you have expanded my consciousness with your art you surprise me all over again. I have bid on this painting and I'm going to keep my eye on it so not to lose again. Thank you for sharing your work and for bringing such happiness to me. With warm regards,

- Customer quote from Debbie