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Knitting Kits and Sewing Patterns for Fashion Dolls

Miniature knits, realistically scaled for Barbie, Tyler, Marley, American Models, Kish and all your favorite fashion dolls.

Sewing Patterns
for Tyler, Ellowyne, American Models, Marley/Agnes, Kish Chrysalis and American Girl.

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Styles for Ellowyne and Kish!

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Scotty Maloney kits are designed by Linda Tillman and feature hand knitting patterns for fashion dolls. The designs are knitted in miniature using needles size U.S. 00000 through 1 and are intended to replicate adult fashion knitwear on a scale appropriate to 11.5, 15-16, 18 and 22 inch fashion dolls. The patterns are easy to follow and use familiar knitting techniques. Each kit contains pattern, yarn, buttons and trim to complete the style pictured. Needles are sold separately.

All of the yarns in our kits are available by the spool and we stock a variety of novelty yarns. Our dyed to match mini buttons are offered in a wide range of colors.

Our kits are available in sizes that will fit a variety of standard sized dolls. The 11.5 kits will fit Barbie™ and other 11.5 inch dolls. The 15-16 kits will fit Tyler™, Gene™, and other 15-16 inch dolls. Many of our 16" styles fit Ellowyne. We also have some styles available in an 18" size that will fit Kitty Collier. New this season are a few styles for 22" American Models. and styles for Kish Chrysalis and Kish Riley.

We also have a selection of sewing patterns sized for specific dolls. They include pattern pieces, instructions and a CD so you can print the pattern pieces again.

The Scotty Maloney Company is a separate, privately owned business. We are not authorized by or in any way affiliated with Mattel, Ashton Drake, The Robert Toner Company, The Alexander Company or any other doll manufacturer or distributor. Our kits are designed and sized to fit a variety of dolls currently popular and available. The dolls on this web site are models only. We do not promote or recommend any particular doll. We hope to enhance your experience with whichever dolls you choose for you collection.

Yes, we ship overseas!