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If you have never done miniature knitting, then you will probably need a set of needles. US size 0's are readily available at stores selling knitting supplies, but the smaller sizes are not. Sizes 00, 000, 0000 and 00000 are very hard to find. That's why we offer them here on our web site. These very fine gauge needles, often called "lace pins", are specially made of tempered steel so that they will not bend or break during use. The more conventional materials like aluminum, plastic or bamboo would not hold up in such a thin needle. For that reason, most manufacturers of knitting needles do not make sizes smaller than 0 and many retailers do not even know about them. We have searched the world over to find a reliable supplier so that we can make them available for use with our kits.

Sizes 0, 2-0, 3-0, 4-0,and 5-0, in an 8" length, are $5.50 per pair.

As a special offer to our web site customers, the complete set of five pairs can be purchased for $20.00. This is a $7.50 savings over the per pair price and is available only at this web site.

We hope you will take advantage of our special needle offer. Several of our styles use the full range of needle sizes to create a contoured fit. By switching through successively smaller needles as you approach the waist and then back through the succession to the largest size, you can create a beautiful body hugging fit without having to use increase and decrease stitches that would stand out on such a small garment.

"No, they're not hard to use." As long as you don't try to use yarn that is too thick for the needle size, the size 5-0 feels just like the size 1 when you're knitting. If you are used to working with plastic or bamboo, you will have to adjust to the metal, sorry. I found that after I had worked with them for a while that good old sizes 8 and 9 felt huge! The really great thing about miniature knitting is how portable the projects are. The whole kit, needles and all, will fit right into your handbag so you can always have it with you and take advantage of time that might otherwise have been wasted.